With 33 Top 10 hits as one of the Beatles…23 as a solo artist…more fame and fortune than anyone could ask
for…and one of the longest marriages in music history, you’d think Paul McCartney had broken all the records there
are to break. But out of all the albums he’s done as a solo artist, none debuted as high as his latest – “Flaming Pie”
…and he's here to talk about it. Good morning Sir Paul McCartney…(8:30)

  • Paul’s new album – “Flaming Pie” – is available now…
  • Catch him on Conan O’Brien tonight …

  • 54 years old…
  • Been married 28 years…
  • 31 years ago to this day, the number 1 song in America was “Paperback Writer”…
  • Net worth: $600 million
  • He’s been a solo artist for 27 years
  • Ringo, Jeff Lynne, and Steve Miller guest on the album…


You seem to be making some unusual choices to promote “Flaming Pie” – you’re doing Conan O’Brien tonight, you’ve
been talking about doing “Politically Incorrect” and you’re doing us. Any rhyme or reason?

Big story last week – they’re restoring your old house in Liverpool and opening it to tourists. Will you be dropping by?
(20 Forthlin Road)

After the 3 anthology albums, plus all the live recordings and bootlegs that have been released over the years, is
there any Beatles music the public
hasn’t heard?

Your son plays guitar on “Heaven On A Sunday.” Is he planning a career of his own?

I heard somewhere that in 28 years of marriage, you and Linda have never slept apart. Is that right?

What happens when you become a Knight Of The British Empire? Do you just get a medal, or what?

It’s hard to believe that with all the big albums you’ve had, none of ‘em have sold as many copies as “Flaming Pie”
when they were released. Were you surprised?
(“Flaming Pie” debuted in second place with just over 121,000 copies)…

How’d Jeff Lynne fall into your clique?

Hard to believe – but you received your FIRST Grammy as a Beatle for “Free As A Bird.” Is that something that’s
bugged you all these years?

Not too long ago, Julian Lennon spent almost $40,000 to buy your original notes for “Hey Jude.” How’d you react to
MADONNA 01/13/97

As  the legend goes, Madonna decided she wanted to be a famous singer…so she packed up all her stuff, flew to
New York, grabbed a cab and told the driver: “Take me to the center of it all.” Now, nearly 18 years later, that’s
exactly where she is. Her latest accomplishment is her uncanny portrayal of Eva Peron in “Evita,” which opened
nation-wide on Friday. Good morning, Madonna…


She wrote her first song in 1979, in the basement of a synagogue in Queens (“Tell The Truth”)…

Her record label – Maverick – features artists Alanis Morissette, Candlebox, Me'Shell NdegeOcello and herself…

“Evita” got five Golden Globe nominations -- Best Actress (Madonna) Best Actor (Antonio Banderas) Best Picture
Best Director (Alan Parker) and Best Song (“You Must Love Me”).

In London, “Evita” broke the box office record formerly held by “Speed”…

People are going nuts over a portrait of Eva Peron that popped up at a museum in Florida – it’s the only one known
to be in existence…


I read an interview in Details in which you describe yourself by saying, “I love children. I eat too much candy. I have a
dog. I love basketball. I have really good hearing.” Is it really that simple?

I heard somewhere that you
're a big Muhammad Ali fan…(she has an autographed picture of him on her wall that
says, “To Madonna. From Muhammad. We are the greatest.”

Congratulations on your Golden Globe nomination (Best Actress). Is there any doubt in your mind that you’ll be
nominated for an Oscar?

I saw you on MTV saying you want to go on tour, but you’ve got
some things to work out now that Lourdes is in your
life. Have you w
orked out those things yet?

You made a big announcement in London – there will be a new Madonna album by the end of ’97. Have you started
working on it yet? (co-produced by Babyface and Pat Leonard)

Speaking of London – there were big rumors in the local papers that you’re thinking of selling your place in New York
and raising Lourdes in London…

You had Naomi fooled when you brought o
ut someone else's baby on Rosie O’Donnell. When do you think you’ll
inally show Lourdes to the world?

In Billboard magazine, you said you don’t listen to your music after it’s recorded. Is that true? Is the same true with
your movies?

You also said the idea of singing “Like A Virgin” or “Material Girl” is “painful.” Are you proud of any old stuff you did?

Suppose a few years from now, little Lourdes comes home from school holding a big, silver book called “Sex.” What
would you tell her?

  • New movie: "Escape From L.A." -- opens Friday...
  • He plays Snake Plissken...
  • Plot: 16 years after "Escape From New York"...a major earthquake has hit Los Angeles, turning it into "Los
    Angeles Island" -- a prison camp run by a bunch of hoods and lowlifes. The president's daughter invents a
    doomsday device and takes it there, so the president (Cliff Robertson) hires Snake Plissken to break into L.A.
    and steal the doomsday device. If he doesn't get out in time, a fatal virus will KILL HIM...
  • Next movie: "Breakdown" -- an action/thriller...
  • He played Elvis Presley in the 1979 made-for-TV movie "Elvis"...
  • He appeared with the REAL Elvis in "It Happened At The World's Fair"...
  • As a child, he DIDN'T want to be an actor...instead, he wanted to be a professional baseball player...but an
    injury kept him out...


You've been around for more than three decades and you've made countless movies. So why is this your first

Why did it take 16 years to do it?

Besides Snake Plissken, are ANY of the characters in "Escape From L.A." from "Escape From New York?"
(note: John Carpenter’s ex, Adriane Barbeau, and Kurt’s ex, Season Hubley, were both in the original ... but not in
the sequel)

Why'd you guys decide to go with Los Angeles?

The big running gag in "Escape From New York" was everyone saying "I though you were dead." Do you have the
same running gag in this one?
(No. Everyone says, "I thought you were taller”)

At one point, you were on the list of possibilities to take over the role of James Bond. How close did that come to

You've already done 2 movies with Goldie -- "Swing Shift" and "Overboard." Are you planning any others in the

I hear that one of Goldie's kids, Kate, has aspirations to get into acting. Is this something you're encouraging?
                                                                            note: Kate's dad is Bill Hudson of The Hudson Brothers

What's "Breakdown" all about?


* Backdraft
* The Thing
* Stargate
* Elvis
* The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
* It Happened At The World's Fair
* Silkwood
* Overboard
* Tequila Sunrise
* Unlawful Entry
* Tango and Cash
* Used Cars
* Captain Ron
* Big Trouble In Little China
* The Barefoot Executive