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John Machay has worn many hats as a professional wordsmith, at
various times working as a crime reporter, feature writer, comedy
scribe, columnist, copywriter and author of two books,
In the News and Frankly Speaking. Unique in that he combines
top-notch SEO skills with a fluid, compelling style, John's work has
appeared in countless print and online publications, and it's been
heard on a number of TV and radio stations around the country.

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printed works
Introduction to
"Frankly Speaking"
Roger Pettingell
(Magazine Feature)
Serial Shooter
Slidell Disaster
Sheriff Joe
Bandits Bungle Burglary
PTA Theft
New Shopping Center
(Magazine Feature)
Greg Roberts
(Magazine Feature)
website content
Debt Consolidation
all linked pages
Secondhand Smoke
DSL Connections
Police Dog Breeds
eHow UK
Press Release
Business Blogging
L.A. Insurance
all pages
"On the Record" host Greta
Van Susteren once called
John "a talented writer who
knows how to dig deep and
strike pay dirt."