As a musician who’s adept in a variety of styles, John Machay has recorded
hundreds of songs for TV and radio. Companies such as Nissan and Visa have used
his original compositions to breathe life into their televised ad campaigns. A
number of morning shows around the country have branded their featured
segments with his catchy, format-specific work. He’s often called upon when a
modern version of a classic hit or theme song is needed for a promotion or to use
in production. And he’s also been enlisted to provide pre-recorded, royalty-free
music for live productions.

Click the music icons below to hear samples of John Machay’s work.
theme songs
American Idol
Twilight Theme
(Bella's Lullabye)
(Rock Version)
We Are Young
(Polka Version)
The Turkey Dance
Polar Bear Heater
(Jerry Lewis mix)
The 911
(News Bed)
The Twilight Zone
Moron of the Day
original instrumentals
Quiz Show
Godzilla Attacks
Click to view and sample tracks!
Click to view and sample tracks!
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